The Sobriety Solution Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision Statements – Dave Andrews & The Sobriety Solution

Below are the mission and vision statements for The Sobriety Solution. These are something I personally take very seriously and are always a work in progress.

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Sobriety Solution Mission Statement

The Mission of Dave Andrews and The Sobriety Solution is to provide the most effective online solutions for recovery from alcohol abuse and alcoholism — or as the tagline states, “The Last Quit or Cutback Drinking Resource You’ll Ever Need!”. Through the use of my passion, motivation, sense of humor and people skills The Sobriety Solution seeks to inspire personal development in others to make incredible lasting changes in their lives by overcoming addictive behaviors and fulfilling their life purpose and goals. Dave Andrews and The Sobriety Solution is continuously learning and synthesizing information and sharing this with others in creative, unique and highly effective ways. The Sobriety Solution is committed to giving back and will always offer a mix of great free content and resources as well as fairly priced solutions that require more personal resources, development time and expenses.

Sobriety Solution Vision Statement

The vision for The Sobriety Solution is to build the number 1 online resource for effective solutions for recovery from alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Through the continued development of an excellent blog, published books and articles, great interviews, speaking engagements, a membership site and the companies flagship product, The 30-Day Sobriety Solution, the vision of The Sobriety Solution is to be considered the leading online option for the recovery from alcoholism for those looking for solutions that can be done in the privacy of their own home.

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