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Second Chances on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

Last February I had the lucky opportunity to get to know Susan Armstrong. Out of all the interviews I have done with people in recovery, and all the stories I have heard, hers is one that stands out. What she overcame and how far she has come in life demonstrates to me how when you overcome your addiction you can completely turn around your life.  If you want to hear my interview with her you […]

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Susan Armstrong's Sobriety Story – The White Picket Fence

Listen to Susan Armstrong’s heartbreaking, touching and inspirational story of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Susan bravely shares her story of being a member of a motorcycle gang, a victim of sexual and physical abuse and her experience being homeless to completely turn her whole life around. Today she is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer and coach. It was truly a pleasure to hear this amazing story and it is not one you want […]

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