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Quit Drinking Tip – Video Blog from Maui

Video Blog Brought To You From Maui I wanted to share with you two things I was lucky enough to do this past week for the first time in my life. First, I was able to visit Maui with my wife – something we have always dreamed of doing, but at the start of this year had no idea we would be doing in 2012. Second, I was able to attend an exclusive retreat led […]

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My Surreal Sobriety Moment & Eva Longoria Parker

I wanted to take a minute to share something that really just brings to light how much sobriety can change your life. I recently had the opportunity to do a radio interview regarding my new 30 Day Sobriety Solution Program I am working on and I was taken back with what the radio host kept mentioning before and after breaks during the interview. So much in fact that the first time he said it I […]

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