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Chris' Sobriety Story – An Honest Look In The Mirror

Listen to Chris share her story of growing up in the Bronx and how she overcame a drinking and drug addiction that started at the early age of 9 years old and continued for 29 more years. After hiding her problem for years from her husband, family, career and friends Chris finally took an honest look at herself in the mirror and knew at that point she had to quit for good. Please be patient […]

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Terry's Sobriety Story – Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet Shares

Listen to Terry share his story of alcoholism growing up in the poorest suburb in the United States, struggling with failed marriages, infidelity and post traumatic stress disorder.  His last drink came on December 4th, 2009 and he is confident that his old life is behind him and his new, healthy life, career and renewed relationships with family and friends will ensure he never drinks again. Please be patient as this may take a few […]

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Shellee Rae's Sobriety Story – Punching Her Way To Sobriety

Listen to Shellee Rae’s story of how she dissolved the pain of incest, abuse, addiction and depression to go on to live a fulfilling and meaningful life in sobriety. Her story covers painful moments, such as when she found out her father took his own life, to moments of clarity she got hitting her punching bag early on in sobriety. Shellee Rae, a holistic practitioner since 1999, shares her open loving heart with clients through […]

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Susan Armstrong's Sobriety Story – The White Picket Fence

Listen to Susan Armstrong’s heartbreaking, touching and inspirational story of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Susan bravely shares her story of being a member of a motorcycle gang, a victim of sexual and physical abuse and her experience being homeless to completely turn her whole life around. Today she is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer and coach. It was truly a pleasure to hear this amazing story and it is not one you want […]

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Jeff's Sobriety Story – Changing The Family History

Listen to Jeff’s inspiring story of sobriety that has led him from a life surrounded by alcoholic family and friends to waking up one morning 2 days before his 38th birthday committed to quit drinking forever. He shares funny stories such as stealing a semi on one of his drinking binges to discussing some of the real pain many alcoholics experience when presented with legal challenges during their drinking career. Please be patient as this may take […]

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Mike's Sobriety Story – My Sponsor's Story of Recovery

It is fitting that I am sharing this story first, as Mike is my sponsor and he has a truly inspiring story of sobriety. In this interview he shares two amazing stories that even with the hundreds of sobriety stories I have heard these still stand out. One is a scary story that happened in the inner cities of Chicago while he was driving a taxi and the other is his story of how his […]

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