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Announcement: Stories of Recovery – Real People, Real Stories, Real Solutions

In this blog format you will find a collection of audio and video interviews of recovered alcoholics and addicts and their truly amazing, inspiring and touching stories. A key part of my successful sobriety was listening to other peoples stories of recovery. There are many reasons why this is so effective which I discuss in My Sobriety Solution, but the main objective with including these are to offer other ideas and examples of how people have […]

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Ann Bruno – How She Turned a Liability into an Asset

Ann’s story starts with her first drink of Jack Daniels from her mother when she was only 4 years old to help her get over the common cold.  That rush she got from the Jack Daniels took away her feelings of discomfort which carried into her adult life  and coping mechanisms. Listen to her share her story of recovery from alcoholism which has led today to her writing a book and becoming a drug and alcohol counselor. […]

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Annmarie Serratore – Addiction was taking the me out of me

Listen as Annmarie shares her story of recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs and her struggle with bulimia. Her journey began when she was adopted as an infant and continued until she had a spiritual awakening where she realized she had to do something different and went to her mother for help. Her mother, being a recovered alcoholic as well, immediately put her in rehab which started her down the journey of recovery leading […]

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Jeffrey Taylor's Sobriety Story – A High Functioning Drunk

Listen to Jeff share his story of his alcohol-consumed life and how it destroyed his marriage, business and financial security, leaving him broken hearted and clinging onto what little he had left. It wasn’t until he was found by police, lying in a New York City gutter at 2:00 a.m., that Jeff realized that he may have a problem. He was an alcoholic. Instant Emergency Loans In Jeff’s book A Gentleman Drunk he shares his first […]

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