How To Stop Drinking: Day 6 – Visualization

How To Stop Drinking – Visualization

This is your exclusive online version of Day 6 of How To Stop Drinking Alcohol In 7 Days. To read more about this 7 Day How To Stop Drinking Program Just Click Here: How To Stop Drinking In 7 Days Introduction.

Let’s get started! You can read the content or watch the short “how to stop drinking” video, but as always the video is your best path to success. Enjoy and feel free to post your assignment responses below (Anonymously is Fine)!

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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Day 6 – Visualization

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How To Stop Drinking: Day 6 – Visualization

Some of the most successful people in every aspect of life, whether it is related to financial, family, health or winning a gold medal are masters at the Art of Visualization. There was a time when visualization was considered new age, hippy or metaphysical, but with countless success stories from all walks of life, whether it is Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Tony Robbins, Olympic coaches, or the millionaire neighbor next door the practice of visualization has become a much more widely accepted practice by the mainstream. And with that it becomes an indispensable tool learning how to stop drinking.

The power of visualization has been validated in so many studies with so many effective methods that to discount it as an effective way to get and stay sober would be a major oversight on my part.

The practice of visualization is simple, although at first it might be somewhat challenging to learn if you are not familiar with it.

See It, Feel It, Believe It

The idea behind it is to close your eyes and make as clear as possible the picture of who you want to be, seeing how you look, feeling how you feel, thinking how you would think, smelling what you would smell. Overall creating a picture in your head that is as close to as real as you can make it.

In the book The Biology of Beliefs by Bruce Lipton he presents scientific proof that thoughts actually affect the physical body. This is one of many books and studies that have come to the same conclusion, thereby giving continued credence to the practice of visualization and importance of the tool for learning how to stop drinking. Some people also refer to this as mental rehearsal, which I think is a very powerful and in a way easier terminology to use when explaining it.

How To Stop Drinking: Day 6 – Assignment

In this assignment there are two key visualizations that you should do that will help you learn to stop drinking.

First, close your eyes and picture yourself in 5 years. Picture the you in 5 years that has not made any changes with your addiction, rather continued down the path of abuse. See how much you would weigh, how you would feel, your energy level, etc.

The goal is not to spend a lot of time visualizing on who you don’t want to be, but rather to use visualization combined with the earlier pain/pleasure principle discussed. Here you are using the power of visualization to link pain to continuing down the path of your addiction, thereby making it easier (natural) to learn how to stop drinking.

Second, close your eyes and picture the you of the future you want to be and will be. Feel how it feels to be sober – the energy, pride and excitement you get from sobriety. How you weight has changed, the health of your skin, the brightness of your eyes and the way you walk and smell (or don’t smell).

As you picture this new you put that picture of yourself in a bubble and see it float up into the sky and radiate out, attracting everything you need to be that person. For example, this is one method many use, but the concept is simple, the more real you make it, the more you can see and feel it, the more powerful and effective a tool it is. For me I have no doubt this was a key tool in getting me and keeping me sober, and is a key tool in accomplishing all of my goals today.

Today I completely embody that person I visualized when I was just starting to get sober, and every few months that go by I realize I now embody that most recent visualization I have been picturing. Test drive this process right now, and then use it whenever and wherever you can – waiting in a line, bored in a meeting or stopped at a red light!

Be Sober, Be Excited! Learn How To Stop Drinking Today!!

Your Sobriety Coach, Dave Andrews

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol In 7 Days

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