Quitting Drinking: The 7 Deadly Warning Signs

Quitting Drinking & The Top 7 Signs You Might Need To Quit Drinking

Excessive drinking is an enormous problem in countries throughout the world, so it begs the question – When should quitting drinking start to become a serious consideration in your life?

Generally speaking, one or two drinks a day is considered normal. But when you start drinking four or five beers, glasses of wine or shots a day, then you might want to seriously consider quitting drinking.

In my “Quitting Drinking” sobriety coaching I provide I often challenge people to quit drinking for just 30 days. If this is actually hard to do, or even consider, then you may really have a problem with alcohol. If you want to read an article I wrote on Quitting Drinking – The Top 10 Resources, be sure to check it out.

Otherwise let’s get to the warning signs that might indicate you need to embrace a new “Quitting Drinking” lifestyle in your future.

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #1: Physical Appearance

Drinking to excess causes a change in your physical appearance. Alcohol decreases your hunger, which can lead to you looking pale and thin. This of course is what happens towards the end of your “drinking career”, but prior to that you find problem drinkers can be obese and have a bloated face. Another physical sign to watch out for, which does not affect all drinkers, is shaking. From my personal experience the bloated face was the biggest thing that changed for me when quitting drinking.

Quitting Drinking - Physical Appearance

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #2: Loss of Appetite

It is a well known fact that alcohol causes interference with your digestive system. Most alcoholics suffer from malnutrition due to the fact that they do not eat healthy, essentially, causing a deficiency of Vitamin B and folic acid. Sudden weight loss and malnutrition can be a very important warning sign, and should this be the case, quitting drinking should be a high priority in your life. Once again, like warning sign #1, it can take many years of serious abuse for the malnutrition to become obvious just by looking at you.

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #3: Excuses

People that drink too much will often make excuses just to drink. If every day is considered a ‘special day’ or a ‘bad day’, and the demand for alcohol is there, then this is a clear sign you should consider quitting drinking. For example, a psychologist I saw used to say alcoholics were the best rationalizers she ever met.

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #4: Drinking Alone

Most alcoholics prefer to have their own private drinking time without anyone interfering. If drinking has turned into a private pleasure for you, then this is a notable sign that you should consider quitting drinking. For me personally my “private drinking curve” went up in frequency and my “social drinking curve” went down over time. So in the end I was drinking alone most of the time, and that was the way I wanted it.

Quitting Drinking - Drinking Alone

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #5: Not Being Able to Stop or Quit Drinking

This is one of the most common warning signs. If you are unable to stop drinking even if you want to, then this is a clear indication that you should take steps in quitting drinking. As I said above, quitting drinking for 30 days should NOT be hard. If you want to read an article I recently wrote that may help, check out Quit Drinking – 8 Simple Solutions to Quit Drinking.

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #6: Violent behavior

Some people that drink too much act out violently. If violent behavior is something you do, especially when drinking to excess, this could be a clear indication that you have a problem. In addition, alcoholics can often have a short temper when not being able to drink. Personally for me I was a very happy drunk, or at the very least when I wasn’t happy I still wasn’t violent, so if this warning sign does not fit for you it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to consider quitting drinking.

Quitting Drinking Warning Sign #7: Hiding the Truth

In general, alcoholics will try to hide their drinking habits from their friends and loved ones. In addition, most alcoholics will even go as far as to hide their drinking glasses and empty bottles. This was a big one for me, especially in the end, culminating with my wife and in-laws finding several empty bottles of vodka under a shelf they were moving.

Quitting Drinking - Hangover & Hiding

Even though these are some of the most common and noticeable warning signs of a need to quit drinking, there are also several other signs that may indicate a need to consider quitting drinking. Of course these could be related to other things and not just drinking.

  • The constant odor of alcohol on one’s breath
  • Slurred speech
  • Stumbling or staggering
  • Lack of recognition
  • Chronic hangovers
  • Frequent blackouts
  • Avoiding family and friends
  • Moral deterioration

Quitting Drinking Today

More than anything else, if these warning signs are things you see in yourself or in other friends or loved ones, then quitting drinking might need to be considered. To read my Top 10 Resources for Quitting Drinking visit the article – How To Quit Drinking.

Your “Quitting Drinking” Sobriety Coach, Dave Andrews