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What Strange Weather Patterns They Have In Las Vegas!

As we stumbled bleary eyed out of the Casino Royale to the middle of the Las Vegas strip the sun was shining fiercely and that ever so familiar wall of heat hit us like a slap in the face as we left the cool air conditioning of the casino behind.  My friend Kyler emphatically stated, “What strange weather patterns they have here!”. My other friend Billy, who was the center of attention for this trip to Vegas […]

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Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms

Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms It all starts out innocently enough. Maybe your friends ask you if you want a drink, or you want to be “cool” like your parents are and have an adult beverage, or maybe it is just all of those beer and liquor commercials that finally have programmed you to take that first drink of your life. Drinking alcohol usually starts out naively enough, a curious interest you want to satisfy, but […]

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Alcoholism Movies Reviewed

Over the years there have been many alcoholism movies released that have played an important role in me recognizing my alcoholic tendencies. As I was nearing the end of my extended college career a movie was released that in many ways had a significant impact in my life. It was becoming more and more clear to me and those close to me that I had an issue with alcohol and around this time the movie […]

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My Daughter Turned 5 Years Old Today

Today was a great day! Five years ago my wife and I had our second daughter and earlier today we got to watch her celebrate her birthday with 18 of her friends. It always amazes me to watch the pure delight that children are capable of experiencing. One of the greatests lessons I get from my children is their ability to always live in the moment. When they are excited they laugh, run around and […]

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Shopaholics vs. Alcoholics

The Holiday Season is Officially Here Today I spent a better part of the afternoon at the outlet mall in Castle Rock, Colorado and was reminded of the upcoming holiday shopping season. Overall it wasn’t too crowded, but it had that Christmas season feel with the white lights on the evergreen trees, the Christmas gift lists on our minds and the conversations coming back to the family and extended family travel plans over the holidays. […]

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Fear and Loathing in Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous! Those two words instilled a deep sense of fear and failure in me for most of my adult years. Fear of what pain I might experience going to one of these meetings. Failure because for me I considered going to AA as my very last ditch effort to get sober, which means I failed A LOT to get to that first meeting. So it is hard to believe that today I find AA […]

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Are You Drinking Yourself Out of Retirement?

Do you really know how much drinking has cost you today, this week, this month and your life? Would 3 million dollars surprise you? I am guessing you probably have a good idea when it comes to this week or month, but if you are a regular drinker you are most likely underestimating the real cost of your drinking over time. The first time this realization hit me was when I was reading Total Money […]

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